Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back To School 2012

Although I had an awesome summer, I can honestly say that I was ready to head back to school! First of all, it is so peaceful knowing that you are at the exact place the Lord has for you! I work with some pretty awesome people. It is so encouraging to work in such a spiritually uplifting place. There have been so many instances where I mentioned a concern or worry to a fellow teacher, and they immediately started praying for that need! I am so blessed! My class from last year seemed so "growny" as I saw them walking down to the 4th grade room. I was so tempted to say, "Wait, Wait, You're going the wrong way. You're supposed to be coming to my classroom!"  There teacher is so wonderful, and I know that they are going to have a wonderful year...but I still miss them! My new class is such a blessing. I already love them so much! They are so sweet, and they have been such a joy to teach! They have been so enthusiastic about learning as well! I cannot wait to see what this year holds! My prayer is that I will be an Godly teacher and point my class and those in my school- to the Savior!

Last year, I did some music lessons and tutoring after school! The Lord has already provided that for me this year as well! I had some people contact me during the summer about lessons/tutoring for this school year! I haven't even had to send out any flyers and my schedule is already packed! I am tutoring 2 students (who I am so proud of for doing awesome on their language test this past week!!!! Go Caryn and Tyler!). I also am teaching music to 6 students! I never knew teaching piano could be so much fun! I love it!

Quick Weight Loss Update: My goal is about 30 pounds lost by Christmas! Currently, I have lost about 10. I met my goal weight Friday, but I really have to buckle down to reach that goal by our 3rd year anniversary!

Here are some pics from the beginning of school:

Outside My Door

Good Work
Locker Decor

Name Tags for Desks
View from the door

My sweet class: Macie, Nathan, Brittany, Madison, Tazayra, Cassie, Avery, Ella Frances, and Me!

Summer Daze

Sorry it has been SO long since my last blog! I am hoping to start blogging a little more regularly-rather than once every couple of months! The summer flew by! I was very blessed to be able to do some music lessons and tutoring this summer for a little extra income! It was nice to be able to do some of this from our home! In June, I turned 23! I had such a wonderful birthday. Bradley surprised me and asked off work. We went out to this "hole in the wall" restaurant in town that is so yummy! They have huge cheese biscuits! After that, we went out shopping. Bradley was SO patient with my as I was looking for things to buy with my birthday money. I ended up by somethings to spruce up our livingroom! I loved the final product! I was also able to go visit some family in Maine in June. I had not been to Maine in almost 2 years! I had such a wonderful trip! It was also nice to spend some extra time with my parents! In July, we went on our annual family vacation to Pigeon Forge. This year was especially nice because not only did my parents come, but Bradley's parents came too. It was so awesome to spend a whole week with both of our families! We had such a wonderful time. It's like we are really one big happy family! My grandparents and cousins also got to come. Any time we are able to spend with them is always so nice! Bradley and I truly have the best family! We are so blessed! Well, that was just a few highlights of my summer! I loved those couple of months, but I can honestly say, that when August rolled around I was really excited to get back to school!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Daze

I have had a very busy month! I cannot believe that I am just a day or two away from finishing up my 2nd year of teaching! I have been blessed with such a wonderful class. I will miss them so much! I asked them if I could fail them just so they could stay with me one more year, but I know that it's time for them to scoot on to 4th grade!

Here are a few pics from my 2011-2012 School Year:

                                                   Our Class on Wacky Tacky Day!

                                               Gracie was the only girl in my class this year!
                                                  We were twins for twin day!

                                             Some of the crazy ladies I work with! LOL  JK
                                                                   Love these ladies!

                                                                 Dr. Seuss made a visit!

                                                                 Fun in the Sun Water Day!

                                                   My Class on our last day at school!
                                           LOVE this class, and I will NEVER forget them!


Over a month, I started some dieting and exercising. My goal is to  lose about 30 pounds by December 19. (Our 3rd Year Anniversary) Boy, what a tough month. The good news is that I know what to do! LOL I started off really strong, but then I would slip. It was like a roller coaster. I lost about 3 pounds so far. Starting this week, if I lose about a pound every week, I should reach my goal! I have done really good with my exercise this week! I am hoping that the summer will give me more time and effort to put toward my fitness! I'll check in again in about a month for another update. Hopefully, this update will be good (4 more pounds lost!)

Here are a few of some of my favorite exercise quotes!




Thursday, April 12, 2012


Dieting and exercise have always been difficult for me. Pretty much once I got to college and stopped playing sports, I felt like the weight was piling on. I have realized that I  MUST get active again!  Not only will it help me feel better, but I will be healthier overall. My husband has never really struggled with weight or anything; however, he has agreed to help me with my dieting and exercise! YAY! It's always easier when you have someone there to support you. My goal is to lose 30 pounds by our 3rd anniversary - December 19,2012- I know that it's gonna be tough, but I also know that it will be SO worth it! I know that I will NEVER regret losing the weight, but that if I don't I will regret it! So, here's the day- April 12! I have about 8 months to lose it! I will keep the blog updated on how I'm doing on the 19th of every month. Hoping that the accountability will help me! I know that once I find the food/exercise that works for me, the pounds will not only come off, but I will also be healthier and feel better! So, here I go! I can honestly say that I am scared! I know it sounds silly, but I keep wondering what if I diet and exercise and nothing changes--what if this doesn't work?!? Well, I better stop typing and start exercising and getting healthier! I look forward to see what the next 8 months hold! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Well, I have gotten quite behind on blogging, so I thought it was time to do a little catching up.....
I absolutely love teaching! My students are so sweet, and they always brighten my day. Bradley has also had the opportunity to preach in elementary and high school chapel once every month. He always looks forward to that!  My 3rd grade class is all boys except for one girl; however, my little girl holds her own with all of the boys. They are a very loving class and love to please their teacher. It has been so neat to see them grow up throughout the year. They are learning more everyday and before I know it I will be promoting them to 4th grade (Tear, Tear). I also get to teach some 4th grade in the afternoons. This class is a complete 180 from my 3rd graders. This class is all girls except for 2 boys! They are very energetic and lots of fun! As some of you may know, I started music lessons in October. I have LOVED teaching music. CurrentIy, I have 6 voice students and 3 pianos students! I have also been able to do some tutoring.I am so thankful that the Lord opened a door for me to be a teacher! Truly, there is nothing better than to be exactly where the Lord wants you to be.  There are time when I pull up to school in the morning where I can't help but smile and pray, "Thank you Lord so much for allowing me to do this!" I can't wait to see what the rest of the school year has in store!
Since my last blog, our church has had many new changes! In December, we were able to move in to our new auditorium. We are so thankful to have more room and to have a bathroom with more than one stall!!! I never thought I'd be so thankful for a water fountain, too! It has been really neat to see a mission work grow. I grew up in a large, multi-ministry church, so it has been neat to see a church grow from almost the beginning. We had to start another children's sunday school class because our children's ministry has really grown! I was excited to find out that I would get to be the teacher of the new class. I am currently teaching the 9-11 year olds. This past Sunday, we had about 30 children at church and 91 in total attendance! Beth Gwaltney and I have also gotten to start a Patch the Pirate program at church. On Thursday, we had 25 for Patch! It's so neat teaching the kids some of the same songs and Bible verses that I learned in Patch the Pirate!  We were so excited and encourages  to have 12 teens at church on Sunday and 7 teens  at church on Thursday night. Bradley just started a Thursday night Bible study with the teens. Please keep praying for our teens , children, and our church as a whole. We love to see physical growth, but more important we desire to see spiritual growth! I desire to see more spiritual growth not only in the life of our people, but also in my own life as well!
Bradley and I are so happy to be serving where the Lord has us. We have learned so much working with Brother Fred and Mrs. Joan Carraway. They work so hard,and we couldn't ask for a better Pastor and pastor's wife. I never  thought that the first ministry Bradley and I would serve in would be a mission work, but we LOVE where we are!  In December, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary! It seems like just yesterday, we were getting married. It's crazy how time flies. I am so thankful for the man God gave me! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Music Daze

For as long as I remember, I have always loved music! I remember singing all the time, whether at home, at church, in the car, or wherever! The Lord has recently opened a new door for me at my school.
I always hoped that I would be able to teach elementary school (just like my mom and grandmother). When I began teaching, I also began to have a desire to teach music. Music is such a wonderful way to worship the Lord, and I am so thankful for the training that I had throughout high school and college. Last week, I was talking to my principal about offering music lessons at my school. I was so happy when she gave me the okay! I sent home flyers to the students. I wasn't sure what to expect. I figured if no one contacted me, I could always offer lessons for the next year. It never hurts to ask. I have been praying that the Lord would at least provide a  couple of students for me; however, I realized that whatever His will for this new adventure would be, it would be the best thing for me. This will be my first time teaching music lessons, so although I wanted a ton of students, I knew that just a couple would be best for me, as I'm getting started. I was so happy when I received an e-mail from one of my parents. I am going to have the privilege of teaching her two students voice and piano! I was so excited about this opportunity! I began lessons the first week of October. The Lord has blessed me with 5 voice students and 2 piano students! Please pray with me as I begin this new opportunity. I am so excited, but definitely a little nervous. Can't wait to see what this new adventure has in store!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

School Daze

     Well, today was my first day of school! It went so well! I got up great this morning. I was so excited! I went to iron my clothes and everything was moving great....UNTIL..... I head in to the bathroom and plug in my straightener. To my dismay, I discovered that my straightener would not turn on. Yes, it's true! My straightener worked yesterday, but on my first day of school it broke!! I was determined that this incident would not get me down!! I got to school a little early just to make sure everything was ready and some of my students arrived like 5 minutes later!! 
     I was a little nervous about meeting the student's parents. Considering this is only my 2nd year teaching, I was expecting to be grilled by them; however all of the parents were so nice and welcoming to me! I was so thankful for that support so early on in the year.
     I have never seen a class so excited to be at school! They all came in with huge smiles and were so excited to get started!  One student said that, "Today was the best day ever!"  Today was only a half day so we were not able to have a full lesson in all of our subjects. As the students were packing up, I told them that we would have Math on Monday. I then heard cheering! 
     When one of my boys got in his car, he looked at his mom and said, "Mom, I LOVE 3rd Grade!" What a great start to the year They worked so hard and did a great job! Hoping that they are this enthusiastic a month from now! Monday will be our first full day! 
     I learned a few days ago, that I will be teaching two classes in 4th Grade this year. I will finish teaching my 3rd grade class in the afternoon, and will have a teachers aid to come in for an hour or so while they work on seatwork. I am excited about this extra opportunity to teach more students. I will teach them spelling, science, (1st semester), and history (2nd semester). I will definitely be busy, but I am so excited for this opportunity!
     As the school year goes on, I know that there will be great days in the classroom and some, well, not so good days; however, I am so blessed that today was a great day! The Lord has been so good to me. I am so thankful to be a teacher! As the school "daze" go on, I know that I will have so many sweet and absolutely hilarious stories to share!
Psalm 18:30- "As for God, His way is perfect..."